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Acquired foot deformities are nowadays a frequent reason for visiting the orthopaedic surgeon.

Bunions, claws or hammer toes and metatarsalgia represent a physical, medical and esthetical problem of great importance form many patients.

Thanks to the new surgical techniques there are wide possibilities of correcting these deformities. The correction is achieved by performing bone cuts using micro-saws (osteotomies). Once the correction is achieved, the bone fragments are fixated in the desired position with micro-screws and mini-plates.

This kind of reconstruction allows the patient to start bearing weight on the operated foot using a special postoperative surgical shoe 24 hours after the procedure. Full recovery allowing the use of normal shoes can take 2 or 3 months.

osteotomia osteotomia metatarsiano artrodesis

Metatarsian Weil

First metatarsian type Barouk & Akin type falange

Bilateral arthrodesis