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Hip and knee revision surgery as well as bone tumours that require large resections represent a surgical challenge demanding the greatest specialization and planning.

In most of the cases, the future of the patients suffering under these complex problems will depend on the quality of the reconstruction the surgeon is able to attain.

At present the best technical resources are available in order to achieve that goal. Some examples of all this: special tumour prosthesis for larger bone defects, revision implants for replacing the worn or loosened components, bone banks which provide us with specially tailored grafts similar to the bone that has to be replaced or bone substitutes with growth factors that encourage the formation of bone tissue at sites where it was not available.

For these patients, rehabilitation will be long and the recovery process will we slow, but if the procedure is successfully performed, the functional outcome regarding independent living and quality of life is usually positive.

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Phrothesis reconstruction

Reconstruction Phrothesis

Tumoral Phrothesis