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The effects of car accidents at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century are comparable to the effects of war in the 19th century for the development and evolution of orthopaedic surgery.

On a daily basis we are confronted with challenges like complex secondary fractures, high energy traumas that affect young patients at the peak of their productive and life development. In these situations the function of the involved limb and therefore also the professional future of the patient or, more generally, his or her life as a whole will depend on the quality of reconstruction.

Like in other areas of our specialty there are numerous surgical fixation materials (fracture fixation technique) that are specially designed for the treatment of all kinds of fractures of all sizes, with the aim of adapting to every patient’s anatomy.

fracturas1 fracturas4 fracturas3

Fractura-luxacion de cotilo

Reconstrucción con placa, tornillos, calvo intramedular

Fractura de cotilo y de fémur

fracturas2 fracturas5 fracturas6

Reconstrucción con placas y tornillos

Reconstrucción cerclajes alámbricos

Fractura del pilon tibial


Reconstrucción con placa, tornillos e injerto óseo