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ACL reconstruction surgery plays a very important role for our surgical team: more than 250 patients have trusted us and have undergone this procedure during the last six years.

ACL is an essential stabilizing structure in a joint which is anatomically speaking not very congruent. An injury of the ACL in young patients means the proneness to meniscal injuries at short or medium term and to cartilage degeneration and osteoarthritis in the long run. Its indication for young patients is currently undisputed.

Regarding the graft used for the reconstruction, there are two options: using a tendon of the own patient, called autograft (we prefer this option) or using a tendon from a bone bank, called allograft (allografts are mainly used for multi-ligamentous injuries or salvage operations for cases of failure of previous surgeries).


Fixation system with a post for ACL reconstruction

There are two possibilities for harvesting autografts: autografts from the patellar tendon or autografts from the hamstring tendons (the semitendinosus and the quadruple).

More and more surgeons are opting for the latter, due to its minimal sequels for the patient. Its initial resistance of about 400 Nw is two times higher than that of the original ACL.

The issue of the lower strength of the anchoring of the ligamentous graft at the femur and the tibia has been solved with the new bioabsorbable fixation “post” systems (Biotransfix o Biocrospin) that are currently being used. Their laboratory strength, higher than 1000 Nw, allows in most cases full weigth bearing in the immediate postoperative phase and a fast rehabilitation process.


Graft preparation

Recovery timetable after surgery: knee brace during 2 weeks, full weight bearing without crutches 4-5weeks after surgery, independent living 5-6 weeks after surgery, exercise bike and swimming 8 weeks after the OP, supervised rehabilitation during 3 months after the procedure, running 3 months after surgery and risk sports 6-8 months after the OP, always depending on the muscular recovery of the patient.

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